About Us

Green Valley Hospitality Restaurant Group (GVH) is the management and marketing company that oversees our restaurants in Northeastern Connecticut. GVH advocates effective management and adherence to proper accounting procedures and practices for each of our establishments, ensuring that our restaurants are fiscally viable and allowing them to thrive and grow in Northeastern Connecticut.

At GVH we focus on giving back to our local communities and on our staff. Through training, access to continuing education programs, and creating a friendly and rewarding environment, our staff are provided with a place where they enjoy working. For our guests, this means immediate, friendly and courteous service by well-trained and educated staff.

We purchase from local growers and purveyors whenever possible and work closely with our year round vendors to source top quality foods. This allows us to create delicious and remarkable food and drinks, including seasonally appropriate specials.

At each of our restaurants we strive to create unique dining experiences that are filled with positive energy and vitality; to keep our concepts fresh and exciting; to maintain high standards for our quality of food and the quality of our managers and employees; and to always provide our customers with a place of hospitality.

Engage every day with passion!