Our Team

Barry Jessurun – CEO/CFO
Barry has been working in the service and hospitality business since 1978 with experience in many areas of the business. His current focus is on customer service, staff development, food quality, emerging trends and back office accounting. Barry has also been involved in restaurant and kitchen design, along with work on overall organization and structure. He is most proud of The Cellar at 85 Main.

Brian Jessurun – CQO
Brian has been working in the service and hospitality business since 1976 with experience in many areas of the business with a focus on food quality, customer satisfaction and schmoozing. Brian is an accomplished cook and an avid and curious traveler in search of new food pairings.

James Martin – Managing Partner and Executive Chef at 85 Main
James began his food career at The Vanilla Bean Café when he was in high school. He went on to work for Chris Schlesinger in Boston and helped him open the Back Eddy in Westport, MA where he was the Restaurant Manager. He has focused his cooking technique on unique pairings of food, local and quality ingredients and kitchen staff development.

Steve Smith – Managing Partner at Dog Lane Café
Steve worked for the JTK Restaurant Group in Mystic for close to 20 years before joining us to operate Dog Lane Café in 2012. Steve has experience in all aspects of restaurant operation with a focus on cooking, quality food, hospitality and customer satisfaction. Steve’s previous work experience includes the Steak Loft, Go Fish and Dock and Dine, where he served as the General Manager.

Kayla Murphy – General Manager at The Vanilla Bean Café
Kayla began working at The Vanilla Bean Café while she was in high school. She transferred to 85 Main where she was the Bar Manager and then moved back to the Bean to become the Restaurant Manager in 2009. She is familiar with all aspects of the restaurant business, a great cook and an effective manager of employees. Both employee and customer satisfaction are her focus, from quality of food and its presentation to the proper service of customers and the continuing education of the staff.

Donna Ayres Lapointe – Bookkeeper extraordinaire!